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Saint Hubert – also known as Saint Hubertus, is the patron saint of hunter. It is his story that is celebrated each year on November 3rd. His dedication and inspiration to the hunting community are a source of pride.
Early Life of St. Hubert

Saint Hubert was raised in a wealthy household between 656-705 A.D., where he was surrounded by luxury, grandeur, and royalty. Hubert’s archery was legendary despite his upbringing.

Hubert became renowned as a hunter with legendary skills. He was also known for his uncanny aim and ability in delivering a feast. On Good Friday, Hubert’s life was transformed by a divine encounter he had with a deer during a searching expedition.

st hubert necklace Saint Hubert’s Vision

Legend says that Hubert cornered this majestic stag while chasing deer on his horse. The stag then turned and faced him. The stag had glowing crucifixes between its antlers. Hubert said that at that moment he heard a voice telling to him to lead a virtuous life and to be obedient to God.

Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation

Hubert, deeply affected by this experience renounced all his previous privileges and luxury. He gave up titles, including the title Duke of Aquitane he had been born with, and dedicated himself to Christianity. His wife Floribanne passed away while giving birth their son Saint Floribert. Hubert was solely focused on his own religious journey following Floribanne’s demise.

Hubert’s Journey in the Church

Hubert asked Bishop Lambert of Maastricht for guidance, and he became his advisor in matters religious. Hubert underwent a pilgrimage in Rome with Lambert as his mentor to see the Pope. Hubert became a priest at this meeting and was later appointed the thirty-first bishop of Maastricht as well as the primary bishop of Liege.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert is credited with performing many miracles in his role as a minister, such as exorcisms or curing rabies. His efforts to spread Christianity into pagan areas have earned him the title “Apostle” of the Ardennes.

The Symbol of St. Hubert

Saint Hubert can be represented by a stag that has a cross, or crucifix, between its antlers. This image has been widely recognized by hunters. It is even featured on Jagermeister’s bottle caps.

Honoring All Living Forms

Saint Hubert was not only made the Patron Saint for hunters, he also promoted the concept that animal life should be respected. During his time, feasts celebrated the energy given by the animal to the hunters after a successful hunting.

Saint Hubert represents spiritual transformation and dedication. His influence extends to those who enjoy Jagermeister, including hunters, archers. mathematicians. opticians. Hunting Necklaces, Saint Hubert Medals, and other tangible devotional symbols are available.

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