Once You Have Cleansed Yourself

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Many humans ask “what do you do with the terrible souls once you’ve got captured them”?

No longer dwelling near any volcanoes there’s handiest one more respectful way to address this problem. The pig head suggested the following tactful solution.

He recommends placing the thetan box into a large freezer bag and filling it with water. This places them to sleep. When they doze off you may placed them on your deep freeze so that when their alien craft comes in you can thaw them and set them loose. He assures us that this doesn’t damage them in any manner. Hello, if they may stand the a bombs that is nothing!

You will see commercials on-line and in the every day paper while the flying saucers designated to select up your group of frozen thetans arrives. The bag will even begin to glow! Simply take it out in the lawn and depart it to thaw. They will be picked up free of exhaust pipe submerged in water fee someday before sunrise! That is a unfastened carrier furnished by way of the pig head organization here on this planet. They do this as a public service. You’ll now not locate this advertised everywhere and as far as i recognize i am the primary writer to say it in a piece of writing.

The cat is first-rate now; there has been one on its tail. On animals they’re regularly disguised as fleas. Flea killer will work however once the flea is dead the soul comes again to any other host and there you move again. The theet o vac is the clean preference for safe, humane treatment.

In case you want to help put it up for sale this top notch device copy this article and put up it to your website, blog, or anywhere you think it will be read. Inform your pals and the human beings you figure with. Spread the word! We are able to have the hassle solved via the cease of 2006.

Do not suppose that you may be able to shop the gadget to your storage and forget it. You will discover it useful for cleansing your vehicle or truck. It is able to also serve as a beneficial tool in your workshop if you have quite a few sawdust to smooth up.

The answer is under a rock, almost covered through the shifting sands. Help release it! Pay attention the theet o vac.

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