Don’t Die With A Million Dollar Idea Still Inside You!

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Did you know that you were brought to this earth for a specific reason? You are the only person who can fulfill the purpose and mission for which you were born. What is your purpose? What is your mission? You have within you the ability to create anything that you can imagine. The fact that you can think about a particular thing is evidence that you can create it.

A creative act is experienced from the inside out, first it is experienced in the mind, followed by outward expression as an idea, concept, product, or service. Napoleon Hill, author of the success classic, Think and Grow Rich, said “Whatever the mind of man thebigideas can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Can you believe that you have a million-dollar idea inside of you? You can and you will, if you believe you can.

We live in an Idea Universe

We live in an idea universe, where Thomas Edison said “Ideas are waiting to be discovered.” Have you found your idea yet? Have you found the idea that will take you from where you are right now to the lifestyle of your dreams? Think about the idea that subtly entered your consciousness and left just as quickly. Think about the idea that caused your heart to race because there was no way you could accomplish it by yourself, yet the sheer size and scope of the idea caused your muscles to tense up and your palms to get sweaty with anticipation. Your million-dollar idea is created within the confines of your mind and it is waiting for you to reach out and grab hold of it.

The problem with most people is that when the inkling of an idea enters their minds, they are not prepared for what comes next – the feelings and thoughts of doubt, disbelief, fear and failure. Most people stop at this point – the idea is lost and they go back to life as usual. Did you know that your brain is programmed to keep you where you are in your life and the minute you try to do something different you run up against the mental programming that has prevented you from being as successful as you should be? You must break through this mental wall of failure and pursue your ideas with focus, energy, and intensity. You must become so determined to see your idea become a reality that you either create your idea or you die trying to accomplish it. That is the high commitment level that you must bring to this life-changing endeavor.

Are you creative?

Do you possess the creative ability to develop a world-changing idea? We are all creative and possess the ability to produce fantastic ideas; in fact you are an idea generating machine that can create masterpieces where nothing existed before. How many times have you had a great idea only to see it materialize somewhere else? We live in a time full of opportunity and possibility, in fact businessman, author, and motivational speaker Brian Tracy says that, “The average person has four ideas a year, which if any one of them is acted upon would make them a millionaire.” Have you seen your million dollar idea this year

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